Craft Cocktails at Pignic Pub & Patio

Here at Pignic we view ourselves as a neighborhood bar but with an extensive craft cocktail program. From hand cutting our ice from a 300lb block of ice weekly to creating unique syrups with our culinary centrifuge, custom infusions, fresh juicing daily to utilizing ingredients such as fresh herbs and fruits from our onsite garden. We also work with our purveyors to bring in hard to find Spirits, Amaro, Liqueurs, Bitters, Vermouth, Sherry and more. The left side of our cocktail menu changes seasonally 4 times per year and each Bartender has an opportunity to put a cocktail on the menu through a research development and extensive coaching process with owner and director of beverages Trevor Leppek. The middle of the menu features our new large format cocktails and boilermakers. While the right side of the menu features cocktails or versions of cocktails from our original menu from October of 2014. Don't forget to check out our killer Pignic Happier Hours menu for some great deals!

Pignic 2023 Spring Menu
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